Portland's favorite downtown food cart since 2007 specializes in delicious Hawaiian food plate lunches

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken

marinated overnight in homemade teriyaki and grilled to perfection
Garlic Honey Chicken

marinated in a blend of fresh garlic, honey and sesame. marinated overnight and grilled to perfection
The Shred

Tasty morsels of chicken simmered in homemade teriyaki with a dash of fresh ginger and garlic
Kalua Pork

Hawaiian style pork slow roasted overnight
Asian Style Veggies

Fresh medley of raw veggies sauteed in a blend of house sauces

White or Brown Rice

Macaroni Salad

traditional Hawaiian style macaroni salad, referred to by TLG's regulars as The Krakaroni


Best Hawaiian Food in Portland OR

The Local Grind Hawaiian Style Bento
The Local Grind Hawaiian Style Bento